With Arvind Kejriwal on verge of knocking Gujarat Goliath out the all-knowing Arnab was sadly looking confused. “Political wind is blowing differently,” is all he could say.

Maybe this is what India needs to remove the smugness off BJP’s face riding high on Modi’s shoulder. There seems to be lack of seriousness in Modi in setting his house in order. On education front the sight is very depressing as there is no real effort to improve fallen standards. The other is the question of when black money will be brought back, if at all. Black money was a crucial promise made during 2014 poll which won the hearts of Indians.

Plethora of promises by BJP in 2014 LS poll could be their undoing as the Delhi voters are fed up with political promises which they have had enough. Modi’s Roman Circus of winning applause abroad and bringing glitzy foreign leaders back home is no substitute for poor voters who want to see real change on the ground. Three-fourth of India is poor and wants positive action across the board. This is not forthcoming. And this is what Delhi’s Jhangola village voters did by not going to vote today saying PERFORM OR PERISH. ENOUGH OF PROMISES.

Modi’s first faux pas was putting Tweedledee Smriti Irani in the chair where Tweedledum Sibal had once sat doing nothing. This raised questions about Modi’s intent when he was crying from rooftops for enhancement of knowledge, skill development and learning. His talks sound now hollow as he had repeated ad nauseam that 21st century belongs to India’s youths when quality of education has not improved an iota bit. It is so bad with evil quotas compounding the haemorrhage. Plenty of quota teachers and quota students and they don’t add up to much. Those who come out of the institutions mostly are unfit to be employed and they run into millions. When quotas was taking a heavy toll with generation after generation going waste should Modi have risked nation’s delicate education sector by gambling with Smriti Irani?

Modi’s grandiose election promise of bringing back black money seems to be going up in holy smoke. Arun Jaitley added to the conundrum taking three people’s names, all insignificant, out of 700. As I mentioned earlier in one of my post the real Black Money of Pacific Ocean is in Bollywood. Why BJP going soft on Bollywood and barking up the wrong Swiss tree?

I am sure Modi will do soul-searching if he loses Delhi as the Exit Polls show. Mercifully this will do good to a smug BJP and overconfident Modi. Those BJPwallahs riding on Modi’s shoulders will, thanks to Delhi shock, will have to get down and take their jobs seriously. If they don’t do for India’s sake at least they will be doing for their own political survival.



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