Election Commission of India will not ban criminals, rapists, looters and other undesirables contesting elections or giving out false affidavits after winning. YES, it will ban with unprecedented alacrity Opinion and Exit polls as if these polls will set India on fire leaving behind handful of ashes. The stupidity of it all leaves one gasping.

Two days before Delhi Assembly elections as is its wont EC banned opinion and exit polls until Saturday evening and that is why one saw the TV screens exploding at 5pm.

If for example let us presume that all Opinion and Exit polls a few days before Delhi assembly elections show Congress winning with thumping majority. Knowing Congress’s past destructive acts how many people will vote for it when they come to the polling booths? According to EC all those who come to the booths will be casting votes for the Congress because Opinion and Exit polls had said so!

This is naivety to put it mildly. Indians are matured enough despite long years of poverty and helplessness. No need for EC to chaperon them into believing that monsters like Opinion or Exit polls are leading them astray. Why not leave Indians alone to decide their own Fate at the polling booths? Or else will India ever mature? Enough is enough.


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