Caste cauldron of Bihar is unique. It is ever boiling. Those who stir it more get to be hoisted by their own petard thanks to Nemesis. Nitish stirred it up to produce amrut called Mahadalits.

Bihar needs badly good administrators and good administrative CM to alleviate backwardness and waywardness resulting from longish depressive and oppressive Laloo rule. Bihar is a great state, with great people but rotten politicians. When poor were eating rats just to survive Laloo as CM was busy fitting air-conditioners for his innumerable buffaloes so that his backward animals can snort in a cooler clime.

Nitish made a comeback and then losing the LS poll shamefully made him accept that his way of running Bihar was not enough. Yet he misunderstood the writing on the wall and his farce sanyas was simply to foist a Mahadalit to be the CM to do nothing except keep the seat warm for him.

When he created new forms of Dalits and injected caste in Muslims producing Pasmanandas the outcome was dangerous but brilliant as he won 2010 Bihar assembly elections 6-0,6-0 as they say in tennis.

This unscrupulous and morally depraved man was outheroding Herod his guru VP Singh exploiting contradictions in Dalit politics and had formed the Mahadalit Commission which created Manjhi out of his Musahar community. Creating Mahadalits, Dalits, Pasmanandas, and women quotaists Nitish had become a distinguished social engineer that left Laloo, Ramvilas and Mayawatis gasping.

Bihar suffers from endemic quota administration blackouts. When Manjhi took over he threw away Nitish men and brought his own top Dalit bureaucrats which saw further power cuts and quality, if there was such a thing, disappear completely in administration.

Nitish is a master in communalising emotions through caste-based divisions to translate emotions into votes. His dangerous MBC stunt split Dalit votes creating a super-Dalit ‘Mahadalit.’ When Manjhi revolt broke out his monster creation the Mahadalits [like Frankenstein’s monster] ganged up against him. Nitish is today a dhobi ka kutta– NA GHAR KA NA GHAAT KA

Nitish “Dalit-Mahadalit-Pasmananda” combination was diabolic to say the least. His creation of Pasmananda Muslims” injected caste into 85% of Bihar Muslims to snatch Laloo’s en bloc Muslim votes.

Nitish played to pit Hindu backwards with Muslim backwards and women as counterweight to make even Sonia Gandhi squirm.

Nitish coming back to Bihar is a sad day for the cursed Bihar.This demented Quotawallah could even split Mahadalit to form Ati-Mahadalit. Quotawallahs have too much power like an atom bomb.


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