I have full sympathies for AAP when it had to take illegal money by cheque or crook to fight elections. The accursed venal Congress is responsible for bringing India to such a pass that Indians to survive in India have to turn first into dishonest creatures.

From the day Congress captured power with British leaving India it was turning India into a dishonest nation. Like the ISIS throwing a man away from 7th storey building Congress was doing just that mauling Indians bringing perverted notions and ethos by staging caste ghettos through Constitutional manipulation that saw ample sprinkling of Secularism for good measure. What followed than was crippling our free & fair democratic process with election expenses turned into a joke.

Every blow Congress struck violently against democratic niceties of India turned our electoral method and practices into a vulgar entity. It decapitated probity, honesty and decency in public life making India a laughing stock in the world. The elections were meant to serve Indians and make India a progressive nation so that we could proudly hold our head high among comity of nations. But that would have been the end of Congress. So it made a farce of fixing ceiling expenses for candidates so absurdly and abysmally low that no candidate can enter honestly into an assembly or Parliament. INDIA WAS DOOMED FOREVER.

Even if a candidate thinks of spending honestly or tries to be honest that is impossible as it will destroy him completely.

Some half-hearted changes in electoral spending was made by EC last February before the 2014 elections. It raised expenditure limit for LS polls to Rs. 70 lakhs in bigger states and Rs. 54 lakhs in smaller states & UT. Even this was a knee-jerk from an Election Commission which strangely had never shown spine to clean our Augean Electoral Stables. It seemed to play second fiddle to its political masters who rule Delhi adopting a bureaucratic mindset that seem convenient to India’s Rulers.

Now the EC fig-leaf expenditure limit raised for 2014 elections hardly scratches the surface if an ASSOCHAM study is anything to go by. Forget 70 lakhs the candidates were spending Rs 5 to 7 crores which was 8 to 10 times more. So what use was EC’s 70 lakh pittance? Why did not the EC make the expense limit to at least 5 crore or 6 crore if not 10 crore? Why make our politicians lie and lie and lie making them a LYING MONSTER?Once they get elected the affidavit too is full of lies about their expenses. Why kill truth when India can be largest democracy as well as HONEST and DECENT democracy? Is this asking for too much?

Minute someone in India is honest he is hooted out or even termed as a badmash. When Gopinath Munde said he spent Rs. 8 crores on campaigning during 2009 election the EC should have garlanded him and given him laddus apart from erecting a statue for him at Parliament Street. Instead what did Methuselahs who run the election affairs in India do? They promptly typed a notice to Munde threatening him for daring to speak the truth. A terrified Munde had to retract. Is this the way honesty be rewarded?

No party gives ticket if the candidate is not at least a crorepati if not a billionaire. Those who have GODOWN full of money to spend lavishly on election and cough up into party coffers are the ones who get the tickets.

In 2014 election all parties, REPEAT ALL PARTIES, had given tickets only to crorepati candidates. Does anyone understand the enormity of it all when for 545 Lok Sabha seats the candidates had spent whopping Rs 30,000 crore or 300000000000 (have a Saridon in your mouth when counting the zeroes) rupees!!! WHY BLEAT LIKE A SICK GOAT WHEN AAP BRINGS 2 CRORES WHICH IS A DROP IN THE OCEAN?

Many cars carrying massive amount of cash were seized in Gujarat last year before LS polls. It is said cash was also being transported in private planes and EVEN ambulances. BJP’s advertisements itself is said to have cost Rs 5,000 crore and THE SAME BJP says AAP is a chor. Is BJP making us laugh or making us sick?

Of course bade bhai Congress had spent more than Rs 700 cr just for its ad blitz to dress up Rahul Gandhi as future Emperor of India.

ADR says after the election MPs have been declaring Election Expenses which is 50% less of what they spent. UNTRUTH is honoured and has a pride of place in the hallowed precincts of India’s Parliament. It is a different matter if the Parliament hardly functions sick with its own lies.

VERY sickening that India claims to be an independent country yet it makes its own people lie through their teeth and that too under oath. Anyone daring to tell the truth is dead as a dodo. HOW CAN WE AS A NATION BE SO SHAMELESS?

Naturally 2014 could be the most expensive election in Indian history with EC snobbishly permitting pittance for election expenditure. It is like asking someone to buy a Maruti car for Rs 500. Instead of buying the poor chap steals a car and then proudly claims he brought it for Rs 500. If EC is not to be blamed should we blame the Almighty God for creating us?

EC should have woken up when until April 15, 2014 it had seized Rs. 220 crores cash from all over the country. This cash was for a decent way of fighting the election. Even to simply take care of one’s party workers for day to day expenses and chai-paani crores needs to be spent on daily basis.

When absurd low limits are placed on election expenses naturally black money will not only be generated but even black monsters will be lending money from across the border like Dawoodbhai.

Decades ago Caravan had carried an article that said 11,000 crores of Dawood money was circulating in Bollywood. If bhai can invest so much in cheap thrillers won’t he invest more in our great democracy?

Whopping Rs. 30,000 crores was not spent just to gain votes. It was also used to supply massive amount of liquor (though 10 million litres were seized for the record). Even heroin was purveyed liberally in places like Punjab presumably to strengthen our democracy. And those who generated this much money to boost our economy certainly deserve to sit in Delhi Durbar as India’s rulers and law makers. Right?

Politics is dirty. But what saddens everyone is we still hang the board over our heads which says SATYAMEVA JAYATE.


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