Does Delhi want a leopard with spots?

Arvind Kejriwal is moving heaven and earth to make a comeback and he deserves a salute for his grit and determination. But his unforgivable act of deserting Delhi midway must be still haunting voters of Delhi.

No doubt lots and lots of votes could come from slum areas and those who are really poor and expect a quick-fix solution to their problems as Kejriwal seems capable of delivering it as he tried to do last time by shifting funds in his 49-day rule to offset the largesse on electricity and water bills. Money was actually diverted from funds meant for SCs welfare to providing unhealthy sops.

The question is not about his vote share from last time when he won Delhi. Nor is it about his saying sorry to impress the people of Delhi that he had committed an honest mistake. The question really is whether the harassed people of Delhi are ready to believe him once again and see him and his AAP as responsible (not anarchist) rulers.

What undid Kejriwal last time was his propensity to sit on dharna even when a dog barked in a gully. He and his party were known for belligerence when none was called for when Delhi was crying for someone to show love in giving an honest and clean administration. All Kejriwal did was waving a FAT CARROT which hardly reached the mouth of those who really wanted it.

Real test for Kejriwal now is can Delhi voters be sure before pressing the EVM button on AAP that Kejriwal is not bringing back the confrontational approach second time landing in power. And that indeed a new Kejriwal will be seen in action who will rule and not confront for sake of confronting.



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