When the Greek philosopher Diogenes saw temple officials leading away a thief for stealing a bowl he commented “BIG THIEVES CAUGHT A PETTY THIEF.”

Yesterday I was amused to see BIG THIEVES like Congress and BJP pointing fingers at AAP for stealing Rs 2 crores.

On eve of Delhi polls BJP and a break-away group of AAP accused AAP receiving Rs 2 crore through four bogus companies.

Senior advocate of Supreme Court Aryaman Sundaram said root of the problem lay somewhere else as voters had to be reached in far flung areas which needed lots of money. He asked TV channels to spare one-hour for free political canvassing. In effect he was saying: HAMAM MEIN SAB NANGE HAIN.

India is rooted in “Asatyameva Jayate” when bogus income-tax returns and false affidavits are filed to enter parliament by back door to occupy the august chair of PM which Manmohan Singh did well without twitch of conscience. There is no shame left anymore.

No political party can survive without torrent of funds from need to contest elections to bribing voters apart from setting up usual office establishment, full time-workers, agitations, propaganda and travel. The thirst for funds is as bad as thirst for blood for a leech.

AAP was brave enough to defend itself when BJP pot called it black saying, “of Rs 20 crores received as donations mere Rs 2 crores is bogus while BJP received Rs 952 crores from unknown sources. From where did BJP get nearly 1000 crores?” it asked.

Problem with our Socialist Secular Democratic — can anyone explain how a republic can be made up of oranges, apples, pears and banana all at the same time? — republic is MANY parties raise funds by kickbacks, fraudulent donations from mafia gangs and other undesirable elements and from foreign countries. Even ISI seems to have opened its purse strings to those who fervently say are upholding Secularism and Socialism enshrined in our wonderful Constitution.

ISI hand never stopped casting shadow on our wonderful democracy. It peaked when Mulayam Singh was the Defence Minister and it was said ISI was having a free run in the Defence Ministry. Mulayam a true SECULARIST had no qualms about his secularism denting Mother India’s face. His brother-in-arms IK Gujral went one step ahead to break RAW’s neck to allow Pakistan sleep peacefully at night.

Last year on plea from Association for Democratic Reforms Delhi HC had issued notices to Union Govt. and EC about monitoring election expenditure now submitted after elections when canvassing begins six months earlier.

The current practice is submitting expenditure statements to EC after 75 or 90 days of elections for Assembly and Lok Sabha respectively. Elections in India has always been a joke. Once it was common to see dead people voting in large numbers because those who wanted to vote found their names MISSING!

Another REAL problem is when a party wins everyone thinks MAJORITY elected it. In our first-past-the-post (FPP) system total votes cast and seats won don’t match. If a party receives say 30% (1/3rd) of votes it gets 70% Parliament seats whereas another with 29% votes gets only 25% seats all thanks to a swing of 2 to 3 per cent. American Presidential system is trillion times decent and better.

ADR had pleaded to Prime Minister Modi for parties to submit income and expenditure once a month and at least once a week during the elections. ADR is right. How can clean governance be there if gutter starts flowing inside your drawing room?

The newly formed Lok Sabha has 112 or 21% of MPs facing serious criminal charges. These criminals are ready to legislate more quotas if someone complains water is not flowing in their taps. Today goons number 186 with BJP alone having 98 (35%) out of 281 in Parliament. And those self-declared criminals number 63 (22%) accused of murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, dacoity etc.

Interestingly while campaigning in 2014 elections Modi promised to decriminalize politics. All affidavits would be sent to Supreme Court for verdict pronounced within a year. He even included himself, “Agar Modi ke upar bhi koi mukdama ho to woh bhi SC mai chalega, (if there is a case against modi, it will also face the trial court).”

He further said “The next parliament would be cleaned by punishing the guilty. The vacant seats will be filled through by-elections and the same methodology will be followed to clean the assemblies of various states. Will the self-righteous Nirmal Sitaraman stand up and tell what happened to Modi’s promise?

Before BJP throws stones at AAP let it be known that there are 9,76,000 donors who gave BJP some Rs 952 crore. Who are these donors? Between the Congress and the BJP dubious donors have given them both Rs 3,000 crores.

Ashish Khaitan of AAP publicly challenged both: LET BJP AND CONGRESS DISCLOSE THE FUNDS COLLECTED BY THEM IN THE LAST 10 YEARS. He even accused BJP playing Judas in amending the Right to Information (RTI) law by Congress that made parties accountable.

Last November Delhi High Court reacting to a PIL said Congress and the BJP were accepting foreign funds in violation of Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act. The court flayed both for taking money from Sterlite Industries, Sesa Goa and Malco all subsidiaries of Vedanta Resources, a foreign company. Vedanta had donated $2.01 million (Rs 12.4 crores) to these two. But the irony was then Finance Minister P. Chidambaram was a director in Vedanta till May 2004.

There was once an excellent article on political criminality by Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar in Sunday section of Indian Express somewhere in the 70s. He wrote that in the US politics and criminality were in two separate compartments while in India they had merged seamlessly.

Kejriwal sells tea at Rs 20,000 per cup to claim his donations are official. If one sees donations of six national parties and 36 regional outfits between 2003 and 2011, the top five have bagged Rs. 4,715 crore with Congress tops list followed by BJP, BSP, SP and CPI(M). And of this less than 20% came from officially declared donations of Rs 20,000 or more.

Talking to Barkha yesterday Kejriwal kept repeating the dubious Rs 2 crore had come via cheque as if this was the final answer. Kejriwal never bothered nor Barkha asked him where this 2 crore came from. WHOSE MONEY IS IT ANYWAY? Was it ISI money? Or whose it is?

Ashish Khaitan in NewsX debate reeled off details like PAN, TIN, PIN, SIN about the Rs 2 crore received. But AAP refuses to say anything about the four shell companies and its owners who routed 50 lakhs in four tranche for Kejriwal to win Delhi. Kejriwal is a fool to think putting the 2 crore on the website was a clever sleight of hand.

Even as I am writing this post news comes that Kejriwal is accusing EVMs in Cantt being rigged in favour of BJP. “Whichever button you press the vote goes to BJP,” he said. Truth in India is always the first casualty, even in courts. Quotas and secularism corroding our soul has made things even worse.

Surely Army rule cannot be worse than this DEMONcracy? With the students and youths veering to that view will politicians set their house in order?


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