Justice Katju says in his blog (Why Delhiites should vote for AAP) that AAP must win. Hope he is not joking or joking not to be seen joking as he would claim later when he has something serious to say.

He dismisses Congress. No one wants shady Congress. But he juggles with BJP ignoring Bedi saying once this party of small business is now for big business. That means BJP is not qualified to win because Delhi comprises of small business, as per Katju logic. What gives Kejriwal the advantage, according to Katju, is AAP “only party representing small and middle businesses.” Hey presto! Delhi AAP ki hain bhai.

Kejriwal did what the shepherd boy did crying wolf and losing all his sheep in running away while in harness. He came to power for his daring to fight corruption. He was admired by millions. But once in power and with satraps like Manish Sisodia he got down to imitating his competitors. Worst he couldn’t convince Anna or Bedi to be part of his team. Was it arrogance?

I don’t know what AAP stands for. Congress is clearly for Corruption, Quota and Secularism; BJP for BIG business as Katju says. But AAP for what?

Katju says Kejriwal is “man of integrity” and has “learnt from his mistakes”, and has “removed his defects.” Therefore to solve electricity and water bills he is the right man to win. In other words AAP stands for doles and largesse at the cost of healthcare, education. sanitation etc.

AAP leader Somnath Bharati was upbraided by a judicial probe and unsavory characters like the “most wanted” Maoist leader Panda have been making inroads into AAP, a party proclaiming to fight corruption. Can a desperate Delhi entrust Kejriwal with a garland of flowers without any of his monkeys pulling it away?

Freebies is no answer to Delhi’s problems. Most important Delhi is sick. Its air is sick. Delhi is known for diphtheria and pertussis (whopping cough) cases all thanks to unchecked internal migration and ignoring children born in slums without much help from the immunisation programme reaching most of them.

Yes, AAP seems to be fighting even if its back does not seem to the wall. Even before BJP began campaign Kejriwal was trying to reach the masses through ‘Jansabhas’ and door-to-door campaign. Even he is holding development carrot to outsmart BJP. The fact is Kejriwal pins high hopes on jhuggi jhopris and slum voters to turn the tables.

Will the AAP magic work is now a million dollar question. It won 28 seats last time almost nipping the BJP but under tremendous pressure to perform Kejriwal cut bait and ran. I sympathise with Kejriwal and salute him for getting down into akhara once again. Like a Sumo wrestler throwing salt in the air and stamping the ring to squash the bad spirits Kejriwal’s body language gives hope. But there is this Montessori headmistress who means business too.


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