To save a crook set a crook. When Arvind Kejriwal dropped Robert Vadra bombshell Jayanthi Natarajan ran the fastest mile under 4 minutes in reaching Delhi’s TV studios to defend Sonia’s Jamai.

Being an unflinching loyalist of Sonia has its advantages. Without fighting a single election she got four terms as MP. But then her stoic defence of Vadra deserves more not less terms, right?

When she was screaming in Vadra’s defence Subramanian Swamy demolished her oft-repeated bluff that Vadra was an ordinary businessman being maligned by vested interests. Like Maharana Pratap splitting Bahalol Khan into two halves in one stroke Swamy asked her why she had to make such mad dash in defending an ordinary man. It was clear Sonia had to be pleased even if Sonia was unaware of Kejriwal’s bombshell.

And much earlier to that I remember her cruel remarks at Barkha Dutt’s show when a boy raised the question of never-ending quotas that is sucked away by the mightiest flaunting muscle and money power. She spewed venom at the poor boy saying, “WERE YOU SUPPRESSED FOR CENTURIES TO ASK FOR QUOTAS?” This woman is Nasty Piece of Work. Congress must be ruing the day they let her too close into the charming inner circle of the Queen.

Today she is playing a sickening drama releasing her mile-long letter to Sonia Gandhi that is cunningly worded to deflect attention if need arises in future. Wow, what a lenghty letter! Once she knew Congress was a sinking ship after Vasan revolted and Karti Chidambaram ready to jump overboard, this Sonia toady was half way plunging the dagger.

Now coming to the substantive part of the sordid drama, this quota woman as Environment Minister was enjoying all the loaves of her office. How can she then blame Rahul Gandhi for her own lacklustre performance? If Rahul Gandhi had interfered would she have taken 100 important files to her home in Chennai?,There is something sinister as she had taken Adani file too. What conspiracy was she hatching against Modi in going over with a fine-tooth comb on Adani file?

Abhisek Singhvi may be right in saying, “There were serious allegations of corruption that led to her removal.”

As head of the Environment Ministry she made India a laughing stock. The Vedanta Group had already spent massive amounts in Odhisa’s aluminium project and hardly was the project on stream it had to be shut down all because forest clearance was denied. This is as damaging as it is criminally cold-hearted.

London-based billionaire Anil Agarwal had spotted an opportunity in mining bauxite in Niyamgiri tribal area of Odisha and then refining it nearby so that it could be the most economical operations in global aluminium industry.

Odisha is rich in bauxite with 2/3rd of India’s reserves amounting to 2,000 million tonnes. Vedanta built speedily infrastructure trusting the Quota Congress that clearances to Niyamgiri will be forthcoming in due course. Then Prince Rahul visits the tribals and promises them action against Vedanta. Quota-Centric Congress than does halal of Vedanta.

Vedanta’s 2004 MoU with Odisha government was meant to produce 150 million tonnes of bauxite from Niyamgiri. An alumina refinery plant went on stream nearby at a cost of Rs 5,000 crore. Another Rs 35,000 crore was spent on aluminum smelter plant plus Rs 10,000 crore for independent power plant.

Naively Vedanta had sunk nearly Rs 50,000 crore without suspecting Congress buffonery that turned into treachery. Then with a stroke of pen the all merciful Jayanthi slaughtered Vedanta.

“I received specific requests about Rahul Gandhi’s environmental concerns suffering at the hands of Vedanta,” said Jayanthi without realising that it was India’s prestige at stake. “To protect tribals I rejected environmental clearance.”

Vedanta Chairman Anil Agarwal came to Odhisa not only because of its rich bauxite content but it being the poorest state in the country and a good opportunity to create jobs. “The only way out of poverty is manufacturing and Vedanta provided some ray of hope by investing $10 billion dollars in the state.” Agarwal then said.

For Dynasty loyalists like Jayanthi $10 billion dollars is chicken feed when it is a question of pleasing her Empress and her heir apparent if it means a few more handful of votes. She blames Rahul Gandhi but never showed any signs of quitting when as she says Rahul was interfering. Even if he was interfering couldn’t she have explained in national interest how important this project was and how far had Anil Agarwal gone sinking half-lakh crore as investment?

Agarwal had by then commissioned Lanjigarh refinery after 7000 workers worked for 7 years. Tragically once built the refinery also had to be shut down with 5,000 crore going down the drain.

“In India at present not a single project is going ahead,” Agarwal had then said. Quota Congress is clear about one thing which ensures its survival: POVERTY. Plenty of it. Only when poverty prevails quota magic trick works. Who wants jobs when quotas are there for the asking?


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