The inevitable happened. “If Geelani is traitor so is Nehru,” said Kashmir MLA Engineer Rashid in NewsX debate yesterday.

There was also a furore simultaneously in TimesNow over Syed Ali Shah Geelani paying tributes to the two Hizbul militants who killed Colonel MN Rai and head constable Sanjeev Kumar Singh.

Rashid is perfectly right. Maharaja’s accession of Jammu and Kashmir is still a matter of dispute between India and Pakistan and on the agenda of the UN Security Council and with Kashmir having a separate Constitution and a flag, Geelani is technically a citizen of Kashmir and not India howsoever one may deny or varnish the truth.

To call Geelani unpatriotic is like calling Hafiz Saeed unpatriotic. There is yet no resolution to Kashmir dispute and even if UN had put the issue on back burner the Nehru’s ghost still continues to haunt us all.

Before Arnab or someone would like to shed copious tears one must willy-nilly understand that it was Nehru who was the biggest separatist by leaving behind an incurable cancer.

I am an ignoramus and am not an expert on Kashmir. But I do have basic intelligence to add 2 plus 2. Pray tell me isn’t Jammu and Kashmir meant to be kept separate by steps such as Article 370, a separate official flag and an independent JK Constitution? What is this nonsense of treating Indians as foreigners on entering Kashmir? Doesn’t Geelani as citizen and one respecting his JK Constitution right to praise those who are fighting for JK when India itself says JK is a separate entity and endorses that legitimacy of J&K being under dispute when the issue is hanging fire in UN? Jingoistic patriotism is not the answer if such questions are to be asked freely and answers sought without being silenced. Can India show such a separate entity as JK prevailing in any of its umpteen states?

Col Thapar in the debate was contemptuously referring to Geelani as “ungrateful spent forces” while Lt. Gen (Retd) B S Jaswal kept sounding pompous saying J&K is an integral part of India and the very first page of JK Constitution says just that: “it is integral part of India.”

Geelani, as chairman of Hurriyat group, had sent a high-level party delegation to meet the deceased two Kashmiri youths’ relatives while saying their “sacred blood” would not go in vain and India must accept the ground realities.

“Due to the rigid and stubborn approach of the Indian government, the youth are opting for gun..,” Geelani said — rightly or wrongly — in an email from Delhi. He further said, “The violent path adopted by Kashmiri youth is not any act of hobby nor is it the result of unemployment. They are the students of different colleges and universities who are fully aware of the tragedy of Kashmir. India must accept the ground realities.”

Surprisingly GVL Narasimha Rao, spokesperson of the BJP, had fear flicking in his eyes like flames rising on a ship’s deck. He kept saying to Arnab that Geelani was a minuscule minority while Kashmir as a whole was against what Geelani said. “Geelani was simply fighting irrelevance and one must ignore him.”

After showing great bravado during 2014 LS campaign about settling Pandits back in Kashmir, the BJP is diverting attention calling Geelani irrelevant. Geelani is a citizen of J&K Constitution. How can anyone book him for sedition when India itself recognises Geelani as a citizen of Kashmir?

Of course Arnab showed his disgust asking GVL “do you mean to say when a murder is committed which is one in million everyone should ignore it and talk about the overall peace prevailing?” Arnab was clearly exposing BJP’s dilemma that to kill Geelani snake one cannot do that without breaking the Nehruvian lathi.

Actually Nehru after he rushed to the UN had agreed for a referendum. INDIA IS BOUND BY HIS PROMISE OF REFERENDUM. Some apologists use specious arguments like Nehru agreed to hold a plebiscite only if Pakistan vacates large parts of Jammu & Kashmir and the plebiscite was meant for all the people of Jammu & Kashmir (not just for Indian held Kashmir Valley).

Pakistan says what it captured is fully theirs and cannot come into any foolish referendum. It has vowed never to vacate the PoK while Nehru was vacillating and gambling with India’s future. Even UN wanted plebiscite but due to Pakistani intransigence nothing came out of it except Nehru promise of referendum etched in world memory.

If Maharaja’s accession was final why did Nehru allow Pakistani hyena to run away with a bit of Kashmiri flesh? Why did he stop Indian army from pursuing the hyena when General Thapar asked for a fortnight more to kick the irregulars and Pak army out? General Thapar was on the verge of solving this vexatious problem. And if he believed Kashmir was really part of India why did he agree to hold a referendum, caveats notwithstanding? Wasn’t this as foolish as someone selling his car and then holding referendum to ascertain whether the mechanic of the car and its dealer like it or not?

If Geelani has to be condemned Nehru’s ghost too has to be exorcised first by scrapping Art 370 to begin with. But that will not happen because SECULAR India is committed to ASATYAMEVA (untruth) JAYATE.

Modi came to power assuring Pandits of getting their homeland back. BJP is sitting pretty with a majority in Parliament but scared to bell the Kashmiri Art 370 cat.

This devious article is a golden cage Nehru created to preserve Kashmiriyat when Sardar wanted to integrate the state fully. Nehru warned him to leave Kashmir alone and Sardar then united all other states including the one of Nizam. Thank God Hyderabad does not have Art 370(B) {B for Bigger Blunder}.

Article 370 was a marvelous trick of Sheikh Abdullah in making J&K a country within a country with its own distinct flag, emblem and constitution so that he and his dynasty can rule the state. Nehru must take the blame first before anyone can accuse Abdullah let alone Geelani. Why differentiate between Mata Haris?

Every member of the Constituent Assembly felt terrified at the Frankenstein’s Art 370 MONSTER which they said discriminated against REST of India. Even Ambedkar, who did Nehru’s bidding, was shocked saying it was an untenable proposition. Gopal Swamy Aiyangar hit the last nail in India’s coffin by assuring that Art 370 would be of temporary nature. The TRAP WAS SPRUNG for Pakistan to wait happily that one day the ripe fruit of Kashmir falling in its lap!

Aiyangar was not a fool in not to see the ferocious Pakistani wolf at the door. He misled India saying, “It is hope of everybody here that in due course Jammu and Kashmir will become ripe for integration as is taking place with other states.” Was Aiyangar blind to the reality that let alone the present, even in next millennium Art 370 cannot be scrapped?

What Nehru and Aiyangar did was making Article 370 TEMPORARILY PERMANENT. Even Omar Abdullah MOCKED at Modi challenging him to scrap it as he knows even to debate it constitutionally will be a sickening affair.

Some Secularists like Amitabh Matto claim Article 370 was to provide space to terrified Kashmiris in matters of governance for there is deep feeling of “losing identity.”

Yes Geelani and Rashid and the two terrorists who killed Col Rai feel “deeply vulnerable about their identity.” Actually Nehru destroyed India by creating so many tigers the monstrous and ferocious being the quota tiger, followed by secular and Art 370 tigers.

When Nehru played his losing game the Hindus of Jammu were shouting against Article 370. Nehru clearly heard them shouting “2 constitutions, 2 prime ministers and 2 symbols in one country is antinational and untenable.” Yes, Rashid is right in asking: WHO IS THE TRAITOR?

Dr Syama Prasad Mukherjee, like Bose, was a great patriot. Seeing the Congress treachery he dubbed Article 370 as BALKANISATION OF INDIA and condemned the three nation theory of Sheikh Abdullah.

Mukherjee launched a massive Satyagraha and went to Kashmir. He was arrested and died a mysterious death in 1953 like Bose. After Mukherjee being removed from the scene all popular protest was brutally crushed by the state government. Protesters would remove the state flag from government buildings and place Indian flags in their place. But massive arrests followed and protesters silenced. Nehru watched the sickening drama and tragically India had erected a CONGRESS FENCE that had eaten the crop. Well like Rashid India is asking: WHO IS THE TRAITOR?

Finally, coming to Modi he has to scrap Article 370 if he has to keep pace with the globalised world. Countries of Europe have merged their identites in European Union while India is persisting with Art 370 nonsense. BJP cannot expose itself to fundamentalist mocking it at every nook and corner by daring it to scrap the venomous article. Tragically for India other than BJP there is no nationalist party to keep us united. Congress, Communist, Janata Dal, SP and other wolves are eagerly watching for BJP to collapse to grab power at Centre.

BJP was born thanks to Dr Syama Prasad Mukherjee being its grandfather. It must fulfill its grandfather’s dream.


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