People love Katju because he makes everyone think he is wrong even when he is correct. Often he could be correct and make himself sound wrong.

However, his strange condemnation of Bose that “he became a collaborator with the Japanese imperialists and fascists in the Second World War, and for this Bose has to be condemned” makes me wonder if he has forgotten that the British and the Americans collaborated with Evil Stalin sending him massive number of trucks, arms and ammunition to defeat Hitler. The same Stalin reciprocated by becoming Number One enemy of the two democracies no sooner war ended.

When Gandhi and Nehru were conspiring against Bose and kicking him out what was Bose supposed to do when he wanted his Mother India freed? British Empire was too strong. Thanks ONLY to Hitler (not to Gandhi or Nehru) that India became free because Hitler broke the back of the British Empire. A crippled Britain could never have ruled India with a broken back. If Hitler had not done that Gandhi with all his fasting would have died no tears shed.

I am sure if Bose had been our first prime minister there would have been an unified India without ghettos like the one Congress created for different castes and Muslims. As I mentioned earlier in one of my post the most famous ghetto is the one for SCs & STs who have been fenced out to be kept away from Hindus. Congress short of putting a NO TRESPASSING BOARD at the fence has done all it can to make these unfortunate souls isolated from the mainstream. It did the same to Muslims who now hang like barnacles under a ship.

Bose wanted British out of India and he took the help of Nazi Germany and Japan. It was a bitter decision and an unavoidable one at that. Katju must know better instead of casting aspersion. Don’t law-abiding people of India do the same when not getting justice for decades after someone had cheated them when they seek Underworld help? This happens more often in larger cities like Mumbai. That is the reality. You don’t give justice and yet you throw the rule book at those who suffer.

Bose rose to become Congress President but quota-secularists ousted him from Congress leadership. Had this not happened Indian history would have been different and our youths would not have said what they said in a survey asking for Army Rule.

Bose who was a patriotic son of India MUST not be seen through Secular binoculars. Bose death sounds more like Congress conspiracy and treachery. There is a suspicion Bose was left to die in a remote labour camp of Stalin.

If Gandhi’s Khilafat movement was secular Bose’s ‘Azad Hind Fauj’ is the real Jai Hind. For Bose was the first one to say JAI HIND. Does he sound like a collaborator?


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