Barack Obama gave a broad hint of Secular flu when he said, “No society is immune from the darkest impulses of men. India will succeed so long as it is not splintered along the lines of religious faith”?

Secularism was inveigled into our hearts by Nehru & Co. A liberal spray of quotas did the rest. India today is an amorphous nation with SCs & STs kept away from Hindu fold as much as Muslims. Congress loves fissiparous forces and building ghettos. Obama must have sensed the secular walls built around us with such precision.

Congress underpinned Islam with secularism even as Ataturk was setting a great precedent uncorking the Caliphate. Hindus today roam with secular albatross around their neck and quota albatross around their legs all due to Congress perfidy.

Luckily this Congress perfidy is being understood if the recent survey of high school and college students is anything to go by (see NDTV’s Young India Says ‘Yes’ to Military Rule). Young India certainly wants Olive fatigues to khadi. Democracy has been debilitated and enemy is within.

Let us contrast Congress with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who to save his nation demolished the Caliphate building a modern, secular, democratic Turkey. But what Congress did to Hindu “sarva dharma sama bhava” ethos was to make it object of ridicule and usher in a Secular Caliphate through a Constitution as much divisive as is long. (Yes, with 90,000 words it is the largest in the world. US twice larger than India has one 1/3rd of ours).

Political quota-secular paparazzi whip up patriotic fervour on R-Days or I-Days. If truth has to be told the celebration does not obscure the ghettos. SCs & STs have been fenced separately from the Hindus. Muslims bask in their own personal laws. And this third gender monster created by our Constitution, the vaunted SECULARISTS keep eye on Hindu recrudescence for caste, creed and religious passions to prevail.

Narendra Modi has come when India is at the crossroads. India needs Ataturk to turn tide back. But Congress Khilafat zombies watch nervously.

Unlike Turkey, India sabotaged itself when the country cried to be unified. There was method in Congress madness ushering in quotas and secularism so that education system was contaminated.

Modi is forced to ride the Quota and Secular tigers. Can he dismount to save India?

The survey gives a ray of hope. Modi too has understood ferocity of the tigers. But the Young India knows the task is arduous. Quota-secular tigers could turn on them for a quick breakfast.


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