We must respect all religions, says Katju. One must agree with him but not to the extent of being a Secularist. Secularism in India is not what Katju is conveying with such noble intention. It is an unwarranted licence given to licentious Jihadis under the garb of a religion. There cannot be blanket religious freedom and therefore no blanket respect to any religion or faith howsoever noble it may be mentioned in the Constitution. A Jihadi practises religion to the best of his ability and claims his right is unbridled at the cost of yours and mine. This is untenable.

Katju says there is no such thing as God or soul or angels or ghosts or fairies or witches or resurrection or transmigration. If that is true from where did Katju come from when he has no knowledge of his existence or non-existence before he was born? Nobody comes to this world of his own free will. All of us come for a certain duration and will not stay for a second more and will be leaving for some destination (Kabir says our homes are faraway) or merge with the super conscious Brahman if lucky enough never to be born again.

“Sahaje sahaje sab gaya, sut bit kaam nikaam
Ekmek hwe mili raha, das kabira raam
Gradually everyone is left behind, says Kabir despite our attachment and pleasures of children, wealth, lust and even detachment. Kabir is lucky enough to merge with the lord, the one entity, the BRAHMAN {saints go back to the Lord and even Saint Tyagaraja says he is a sinner for having being born when he sang (duduku gala..)} Kabir says in this doha doing duty with detachment is the way forward. Saints follow this principle and become free from the creation to become part of the creator.”

The root problem of all our miseries is the way we perceive as reality with our five senses the forms born out of the perishable five materials. The reality remains Brahman. So it has no relevance to say matter came from matter.

Even a cat shows love and intelligence. It too must have its own metaphysics of religion. Obviously that would be different from ours and yet as pristine and noble as that of ours? If man claims superiority over a cat won’t the cat do the same? But as primitive man evolved (he had to evolve) he wanted to come out of the chaos of living when adjacent caveman was dragging his wife by the tuft of her hair to claim as his own. Religion thus became a moral force disciplining us and defining what is right or wrong so that man did not destroy man which is very easy to do.

Even today religion is relevant if it can keep us under control from sensual Jihadi-like senses.


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