India’s RAW nerve invokes tremendous pain thanks to the twin evils: A story of quota-secular treachery and the mindset that is born out of it. The disease was made to spread into INDIAN ARMY. No army is strong without its intelligence apparatus. But when India’s intelligence arm was broken the army became a crippled dog wanting to bark but its vocal chord dismantled. India is bleeding thanks to secularism and the blood that is flowing is: YOURS and MINE !

Take Indian counter-intelligence called Technical Support Division formed soon after 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and disbanded by General Bikram Singh who had taken over from Gen VK Singh. Why this man was brought in as army chief in May 2012 to disband TSD only Congress Mataharis can reveal.

The most affected were the spies who worked in Kashmir and kept the ISI at bay. Bikram probed TSD’s activities and disbanded it in July 2013 making Kashmir a picnic spot for ISI.

In this tug of war Seculars started maligning General VK Singh by throwing bucketful of mud to divert attention. They even roped in the media against VK Singh. Army began leaking like sieve. Pray, what led to it?

The genesis goes back to the decade-long rampage in Gujarat against Modi. It was a street fight never seen before with Congress throwing everything short of gouging out Modi’s eyes. Even the CBI was made to reveal IB agents by name while probing the terrorist module Ishrat Jahan’s death thus blowing the cover of some IB operatives who had penetrated terror cells. IB does highly covert operations against terror but secularism refuses to accept a deadly truth saying terror is a divinity not to be touched under the Indian Constitution. Indian intelligence became a joke thanks to Congress lust to uphold secularism and “fix” Chief Minister Narendra Modi and thwart his chance of becoming a Prime Minister.

After RAW’s demise the secular drama was played to its full glory by PM Manmohan Singh. IB pleaded with this HMV of Sonia but he wouldn’t budge. Shamelss protest by IB officers in bringing India’s security apparatus to a grinding halt will not trouble the HMV. Ishrat case was the first instance in history when intelligence dispatches were halted in protest against secular plots.

Seculars were always unhappy when it concerned PRISTINE ISLAMIC Pakistan. Congress Dynast Rajiv Gandhi made IB look like culprit when it busted a major ISI espionage ring. “IB should restrict itself to just identifying and informing the Centre about ISI activities instead of arresting and interrogating Pak spies,” the dynast said. Instead of barking at Parrikar Manish Tewari should talk about his own dirty mirror which he refuses to clean and yet enjoys seeing his face and combing his hair.

RAW’s middle level officers bore the brunt in Pakistan when secular politicians showed their secular credentials. Historically Indian intelligence was an anathema in the LAND OF MAHATMA GANDHI. In 1978, during a brief phone conversation with Pakistan ruler General Zia-ul-Haq, prime minister Morarji Desai said he was aware of Pakistan’s nuclear programme and Zia immediately ordered RAW assets in Pakistan to be kicked and crushed. Coup de grace came when Indian agents subsequently were eliminated in good measure when Mandal Gujral was the PM in 1997-98 as he suspended all offensive ops within Pakistan. This Mandalite wiped out RAW in Pakistan. Under normal circumstance the ISI should have done this but our politicians have to uphold the pristine SECULARISM, right? To say this depraved act made ISI happy is an understatement. ISI exploited and rushed into this vacuum. Hallelujah for our GREAT Indian politicians!

As I said earlier (see Secular 007– Licence to harm) Secularism gives traitors a veneer of respectability when harm is being done to our Motherland. I don’t blame the traitors. They don’t feel guilty because their conscience is “clean”. They are like the drunkard who snatches his wife’s mangalsutra to pay for his next drink. When cornered we hear them say: “Hey, we may be traitors. But do you dare to name us?!”

{Also see below a good one in Indian Express “GREAT BETRAYAL” by those who take oath to protect India: http://www.newindianexpress.com/…/…/10/06/article1816098.ece}


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