NSG — Not So Great?

US snipers will be posted alongside our NSG (National Security Guard) at all relevant venues, including Rajpath and Maurya Sheraton, where President Obama will be staying.

Would this have happened if say Obama was visiting Israel? Will they dare to bring their sharpshooters to Israel? Pray if the US snipers can shoot better than NSG guys then why post NSG in the first place? Why treat the NSG as some layabouts? If there is a strong case for treating NSG in that way then why not call the US army or the US Marines to take over Delhi for the three days? Even ordinary Indians will feel safe, albeit for three days.

Patriotism was dead no sooner there was Secular abortion. India today is without Indians. That is what we have done to ourselves. Even a failed politician like KCR was saying brazenly that he and his “people” are different from his fellow Telugu-speaking Andhra brothers and treacherous Congress nodded in agreement splitting Telugu Mother into two pieces like India and Pakistan. Wait until the real fireworks starts once the 10-year hibernation period is over. By that time the venal Congress would be dead and gone leaving its macabre act behind.

Coming back to the point of discussion India has shown no shame in surrendering its sovereignty even if briefly. Then how are we different from a failed state like Pakistan?

Let me remind everyone, especially the youths of today, to what had happened when then Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi landed in the US on a similar three-day tour. No sooner he had got down alongwith his personal bodyguards from the plane he got a NASTY SHOCK. The US Secret Service came rushing and publicly DISARMED the whole lot meant to protect Rajiv Gandhi. One US chap was heard saying, “WHEN YOU ARE HERE IT IS OUR DUTY TO PROTECT YOUR PM. YOU WILL GET YOUR GUNS BACK WHEN YOU LEAVE THIS PLACE!”

Sorry, sorry. I am really sorry. I forgot. The US is not secular while we are.



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