Indians are past masters in degrading themselves.

If India has to be great we MUST learn to respect and believe in our police force, the CRPF and our security agencies like Army, Navy or Air Force. As I had pointed out earlier when Bharat Ratna was announced to Vajpayee he didn’t trust the Amritsar police to help the stricken passengers of Indian Airlines Flight 814. If Vajpayee had trusted Amritsar police (if they are not trustworthy enough to kill a few thugs why keep them?) Rupen Katyal could have been saved who died a slow painful death bleeding unchecked with no one to adminster even a first aid. Of course Vajpayee magnanimously gave a clerical Indian Airlines job to his wife. Is this the way to wash away one’s sins?

I also remember when two Jihadis took over the Akshardham temple at Gandhinagar the local police was kept away like a mother keeping her 2-year-old daughter from a rat snake lying close by.

And whether by design or some evil intention Secularists have never used the NSG on time. Before or after the terror strikes they are kept waiting and waiting and waiting and then brought to the scene as it happened in Mumbai 26/11. After lots of wanton deaths the secularists came on a TERROR TOUR. So too Sonia’s HMV with 21 cars (including 2 ambulances) and even an usually composed Sobha De was very angry. She said those injured in terror attack were not provided medical aid but this man shamelessly comes with two ambulances in tow. “How disgusting!”

Unless Secularists give the Indian police a chance to tackle the terrorists how would they show their mettle? Why tell the police that Jihadis are braver and superior to you? Why degrade India? FOR GOD’S SAKE IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO RULE THE NATION BETTER GIVE IT TO THE ARMY! No armyman will think of caste or quota or secularism when his Motherland is in danger.



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