Corrupt Congress and a muddled BJP have raised a hue and cry over Arvind Kejriwal asking “people to accept bribes from BJP and Congress and then ultimately voting for AAP.” Holier-than-thou Congress has even gone crying to the EC about Kejriwal.

At least the bribes, if given, will be a welcome relief to the poor voters to buy some food for a week or two. These poor voters are promised the moon by venal politicians and worse the quota carrots have been dangling over their heads for too long while the fat backwards swallow it all with wolf like appetite.

The indecent caste votes does not irritate either the Congress or the BJP (as the BJP did today bringing a deserter like Krishna Tirath). Isn’t bribes to the poor a better way of providing some succor? Yes, let the voters get money if anyone is willing to pay.

(What about journalists who take money in sealed envelopes to use puffery and slant in their writing? And isn’t this what is all about paid media practiced by many a national TV channel? If this is not scandalous why is money to poor being made such a fuss?)

Indian elections are based on pandering to caste, religion, tribal loyalties, liquor, mafia, threat etc. Even cheap T-shirts were once given freely to zoppad patti voters of Mumbai during Sanjay Gandhi’s reign. Is a vote worth just one T shirt?

Politicians pretend that Indian voters are honest. It will be good if the voters reject these politicians by show of their honesty by going to the polling booth, confirming his or her identity, getting his finger marked and conveying to the presiding election officer that he doesn’t want to vote to anyone who is bound to turn a parasite once the vote is cast(e).

Yes, this remedy is available in our Constitution as per Section “49-O” of a 1969 Act.


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