Congress wolves and AAP jackals have gone to town with Kiran Bedi’s slip-ups or goof-ups whatever one may like to call it. One embarrassing tweet of Bedi was “One day NaMo will need to respond….”

Following such faux pas Congress is even suggesting that Bedi is a backstabber and lacks integrity and honesty. Congress is like a fallen woman having lost all shame. But AAP needs to be more careful if it has to make some dent in Delhi’s political mood to gain back its lost honor.

Bedi is right. One learns from experience. What someone says today could be wrong tomorrow. It doesn’t mean that one should stop learning from one’s experience of the past. Given the immoral political climate thanks to Congress’ six decades of infamous rule one should see the brighter side of Bedi. If she is evil surely she is the least of all evils?

Now let’s go back in time and history. One of the greatest patriotic sons of India was Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, or Rajaji, and the last Governor-General of India. When Rajaji was the CM of Tamilnadu he introduced teaching of Hindi compulsory in Madras. But 20 years later Rajaji spoke against Hindi and himself led the agitation against it.

His Congress opponents pilloried him asking how he can make this volte-face when he is known to be a man of his word? Rajaji replied, “Twenty years ago I felt differently under different circumstances. Over the years I learnt I was wrong as I matured. Now I feel in the eagerness to spread Hindi as the national language, the regional languages are adversely being affected. Do you mean to say I should stick to what I said then when I know it is wrong now? Don’t I have the freedom to change my views?”

Post Godhra riots created lot of confusion among intellgentsia. Some were genuinely confused and others pretended to be confused in launching their scathing attack on Modi.

The intense anger over burning of the train cut across all strata of society. A close relative of mine who then held a high level senior post in a Central govt department had called me the next morning of train-burning(before riots started) fuming against the Muslims. He was very angry and wanted revenge for the inhuman act. He wanted Muslims in India to pay for it by teaching them a lesson.

Now a highly educated person and holding such a responsible post had gone out of control. His emotions were getting better of him what to talk of the ordinary street guys and the riff-raff?

The real question is could a Congress Secular CM chap in place of Modi controlled the bursting dam of anger given the feeling among the Hindus that Congress has always been short-changing the Hindus?

If the secular chap was the CM of Gujarat then he would have glibly blamed the BJP for the riots and ducked under the cover of his secular credentials. Just see what the Congress did during the day of infamy when Sikhs were butchered in broad daylight and the Indian Army simply told to watch the carnage as Rajiv Gandhi was “busy”.

For narrow political gains Congress can shamelessly do anything and not surprisingly it launched a sustained vilification campaign against Modi for 11 long years while it kept mum when Assam was parallelly burning for the same duration. And even just before the 2014 elections Mani Secular Aiyer was taunting Modi on a English TV channel: “Modi can never become the PM” in the hope that Congress had fooled the Muslims effectively for Modi to win at the Centre.

Let Bedi change her mind and correct herself. If Bedi is learning to praise Modi following her inexperienced outburst in the past let her do so. If Rajaji can do it well cannot Bedi do the same?


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