Mohd Asim, a Senior News Editor at NDTV 24×7, says in his blog “Yes, Islam Needs to Reform” that “Gandhi’s or Vivekananda’s Gita is different from Godse’s.”

This is an unconscionable and mischievous act of balancing wanton killings of Jihadis to Godse’s. Always it is the same when “good” Muslims start suggesting reform of Islam and in doing so play both ends to middle and produce a Hindu rabbit out of the hat to say “we may be bad. But you are not good either to accuse us of anything.”

Godse was a committed Brahmin and NEVER SHOULD be compared to any Islamist or a Jihadi. Certainly Godse can never be compared to Baghdadi or bin Laden even if Mohd Asim wants a cheap red-herring if only to enjoy fooling himself.

There is no record either of Godse having killed a rat, a bird or a cat or a dog or abused anyone or beaten anyone. Therefore patriotism cannot be subjective based on a Hindu or Muslim scale and then conveniently decrying that Godse was less patriotic than Mahatma Gandhi. And let us remember “Mahatma” or “Father of Nation” title is as honorary as the Bharat Ratna that is being freely given today. Gandhi was only one among crores of Hindus and Indians and he had a solemn duty to preserve the unity of India and not shatter it as he did creating a Pakistan and leaving one behind in an independent India.

Who gave the title Mahatma to MKG? In childhood I read that when Gandhi first came back from South Africa he was received by Gopal Krishna Gokhale who told Gandhi you are a “Mahatma” and called him Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was beholden to Gokhale and called him as his political guru and interestingly both suffered from the same appeasement disease towards Muslims.

Gandhi has mentioned about an incident in his book which he wrote on Gokhale that when a sanyasi had accused Gokhale of not “sufficiently being proud of Hinduism” Gokhale had retorted:


This is the same approach Gandhi took towards re-establishing the Caliphate when Father of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was kicking it out to save and build a modern state.

Mahatma Gandhi was the first modern leader to demand a caliphate for Muslims when today the WORLD is shivering in fear at ISIS trying to establish one. Some apologists of Gandhi say he supported Caliphate and led Khilafat agitation (for Turkish empire to be given back to the obese Khilafa or Caliph) of Ali brothers against Ataturk so as to unite Hindus and Muslims to challenge British rule. It is said Gandhi was convinced Swaraj was not possible without Hindu-Muslim unity ! If ever there was an excuse this takes the cake. If as Gandhi thought Khilafat agitation was very important because Muslims were so much worried about future of Islam wouldn’t they have been equally worried that an independent “Hindu India” would be the next to harm them? Wasn’t Gandhi in effect asking Muslims to think of a separate homeland for themselves which probably they might never have thought until then? Why sacrifice the interests of India, of which incidentally majority are Hindus? Is this not a criminal act of Gandhi?

How did the Ali brothers thank Mahatma’s support for going out on a limb to serve Muslim interests? They (Maulana Mohammed Ali and Maulana Shaukat Ali) decreed:

“However pure Mr Gandhi’s character may be, he must appear to me from the point of view of religion, inferior to any Mussalman though he be without character”. When many protested the Maulana still remained unrepentant saying: “Yes, according to my religion and creed, I do hold an adulterous and a fallen Mussalman to be better than Mr Gandhi”. (WoW that sounds greatl!).

The Ali brothers also prohibited Muslims from uttering “Mahatma Gandhi ki jai” saying “proclaiming jai of a kafir like Mahatma Gandhi would turn Muslims into kufr (or Muslims will suffer in Islamic Hell which is different from Hindu Hell. The difference is torture in Islamic Hell never ends while the one of Hindu ends).”

There are other apologists who say Gandhi did not believe in caliphate but his support was tactical and had reached out to Indian Muslims at a moment when they were vulnerable. How were Indian Muslims vulnerable when an obese and blase Caliphate was being abolished by a HIGHLY PATRIOTIC Attaturk? India should have hailed Ataturk for his extreme bravery of doing the unthinkable of abolishing the Ottoman caliphate.

People like Asim are trapped in a vortex of slippery ideas that is of their own making when they try to strike a balance at the end of the day to sound as good Muslims and therefore bound to accuse as knee jerk others to make presumptuous point like linking Godse.

I won’t be surprised if Asim NEXT accuses Yudhisthira and the Pandavas of being Ancient Godses for killing their FATHER of Kuru vansh Bhisma. He may even accuse Lord Krishna of bringing out a bogus Gita. Duryodhana accused Lord Krisha of deceit and lies. Modern Duryodhanas are no less competent and can do better when they practise Secularism!

It is impossible to think that Yudhisthira, who is dharma personified, and his four brothers would kill people in such large scale as they did in Mahabharat war. It is equally impossible to believe that Lord Krishna would have been instrumental in aiding this killing. Then why did such things happen?

Killing one’s Guru like Dronacharya or Bhisma is worse than killing one’s parents. But it had to be done in a certain context. How can one sit on judgment and say Yudhisthira, Arjuna or Lord Krishna were glorified criminals if only to justify the wanton killings of Baghdadis or Jihadis?

When Arjuna saw his near and dear ones and most importantly his guru and FATHER LIKE pitamaha standing in support of adharma when these worthies knew clearly that Duryodhana and his men were adharma personified the duty of a kshatriya like Arjuna was to kill them in the larger interests of preserving his country which was Bharatvarsha.

Should Arjuna have pretended to be SECULAR AND PRAISED DURYODHANA?

So when BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj said, “Nathuram Godse is as much a nationalist as Mahatma Gandhi” lie-manufacturing factories of secularists went into a tizzy. They tied up Sakshi Maharaj with the BJP and therefore hinted that Sakshi is as communal and antinational as the BJP because Mahatma Gandhi is being called into question in a way by the BJP itself.

There is enough of secular madness India has ALREADY suffered and still suffers for well over past six decades. IT WILL NOT END unless the Constitution is cleaned of secular poison and Indians freed from this contagion so that real unification of Indians, irrespective of their caste or creed, takes place. Or else any number of modern Gandhis are ready to give birth to a SECOND PAKISTAN with the help of our secular Constitution.


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