Mehbooba Mufti, like most Kashmiri leaders, exploit their extraterritorial loyalties to bring embarrassment to India. Only a congenital idiot will think that Kashmiris are part of India. Kashmir is on the edge despite high voter turnout. This voting business is not an act of vouchsafing that they are Indians and believe in Indian democracy and will stick to India come what may. Instead it is their way of making a virtue out of necessity, the necessity of brazenly milking the Indian state.

The political Fifth Columnists of Kashmir know well how to flourish under the garb of democratic pretensions. One example is suffice to give an idea what exactly that goes in hearts and minds of people like Mehboobas.

When Israel counter attacked in Gaza the Lok Sabha was working quietly without any tension or rupture. Sudden Mehbooba gets up waving a piece of paper and shouting about the atrocities being committed on Gazans. The way she started her uproar I thought she was talking about the Parliament being on fire. Her fury and frenzy was unsettling and in no time like a spark spreading into a big fire it hit the sedate Secular Congress Gang. Rajya Sabha too began smoldering and then what? Parliament was rendered useless for days ending with Sushma Swaraj abjectly expressing her sympathies for the Palestinians and obliquely condemning Israel for no fault of it.

I am wondering why was Gaza so relevant to Mehbooba for her to make such a grandstand in Lok Sabha. There was a method in her madness. Raising Gaza issue was the best way to hit the BJP at its jugular secular vein and force it willy-nilly to reaffirm faith in secularism or by default lose its political bearings. Today looking unsecular is worse than walking naked on the street. Mehbooba master in this art would want to keep Modi and his govt on tenterhooks.

But this diabolic woman would go to any lengths to embarrass India and Indians. Today without batting an eyelid she condemned the media for the brazen multi-pronged Jihadi terror attack on Kashmir and I am happy that irrepressible Arnab Goswami is laying an egg.

Finally should Secular India nurse such poisonous snakes in its own backyard? What has Kashmir given all these years to a Romeo called India? The ART 370 has only helped the Jihadis to ravage the state unhindered though this Article was originally invented by the Nehruvian Congress to stop tycoons like Ambanis and Adanis from ravaging it. What a paradox that Jihadis should do the ravaging with so much dexterity and ease which even the Ambanis and Adanis could never have imagined.


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