Let AAMIR answer THIS

Aamir said he was “alarmed” over rising intolerance (whatever that means).

Aamir is a Muslim, belongs to a “religion” called Islam that teaches its followers to kill unbelievers (verses 2:191-193; 3:151; 9.33 etc). Is this not INTOLERANCE? WHY IS AAMIR SILENT OVER THIS horrendous KORANIC INTOLERANCE SINCE he keeps quiet as a practising Muslim?

{{Koran contains a whopping 109 verses that call Muslims to kill unbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some verses are shockingly graphic with commands to chop off heads and finger tips and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding or are found (this is why the Russian pilot while parachuting was shot dead in cold blood by the believers). Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned by “Allah” that they will go to Hell if they do not JOIN THE SLAUGHTER}}

Now the most important question. Why should I or you or him or they be called an “unbeliever” when it is none of anybody’s business to what or which God we believe in or pray? WHY THREATEN THOSE WHO DON’T BELIEVE IN AN Islamic “god” and force them through conversion and terror to embrace it? ISN’T IT THE MOTHER OF ALL INTOLERANCE, Aamir Khanji?

Anyone can believe in any god, eat anything (isn’t this the very same defence advanced by Muslims and secular beef eaters?), marry anyone and live as one wants to live as long as no laws are broken or inconvenience or harm caused to anyone.

WILL AAMIR CONDEMN THE graphic intolerance in Koran AGAINST “unbelievers”? DOES HE HAVE GUTS TO SPEAK THE TRUTH?




In Barkha’s debate show TODAY rabid Muslims like Kamal Faruqi and others were spewing lies to stop the debate from focusing on Islam being the root cause of ISIS rampage. The way these dissumulators pretended about Islam it looked as if this “religion of peace” was indeed a spiritually enthralling and uplifting experience.

Lots of red-herrings were thrown to confuse those unraveling Islam like Tarah Fateh. Tarah is truly a great man who was speaking the truth straight from his heart but was threatened by Kamal Faruqi who said roughly that Tarah was “misquoting Islam.”

ISLAM’s objectives are spelt clearly out in Quran that goes against the grain of peaceful coexistence as pointed out by me in earlier posts.

BUT THESE rabid DISSIMULATORS like Kamal Faruqi deflect the truth by saying that those who have no knowledge about the original ISLAM are criticising it. This is an old Islamic trick to say “go and read Quran and come to debate once again” when these tricksters have no answers.

These dissimulators were also trying a new stunt warning that criticism of Islam will push large number of Muslims into the arms of ISIS.

SO not SPEAKING THE TRUTH or stopping someone from speaking about Islam’s incitement to violence will end VIRULENT VIOLENCE?

WORLD CERTAINLY HAS ISLAM headache in its hands, dissimulators NOTWITHSTANDING.

Bataclan killers SALUTE MANI & Salman

As the killers entered the Bataclan theatre those who were enjoying the evening programme were none other than our chef de cuisine secularists Mani Shankar Aiyar and his comrade-in-arms Salman Khurshid.

The killers quickly began firing indiscriminately and lobbing grenades. It seemed the killers had inexhaustible amount of grenades and bullets to shower to make any Diwali celebration a non-starter.

Yet the two Indians undeterred watched the macabre panorama unfold in all its glory with quite satisfaction.

The two were not harmed, nay not even a blade of their hair touched. The two found themselves shouting furiously “Secularism Zindabad”; “Down with Modi” without a twitch of fear or even shame as the killers even as they fired furiously saluted looking at the two downing their eyelashes as a mark of respect. {For the first time ever a eyelash salute ever performed in the quickest possible time of a millionth of a second}

As the police rushed the killers were quick to blow themselves up to avoid being captured and skinned alive. As the killers died the blast suddenly woke the two from the pleasant nightmare slumber. As the two checked themselves up seeing if they are indeed in one piece they found not a drop of perspiration on them. NEVER did A NIGHTMARE turn out to be SO PLEASANT.




ISIS has come to France; it will come to Italy as it will to Belgium, Germany and other European nations and finally overpower the BIGGEST SATAN OF ALL, the US.

Once it has seized the US by its neck it will come to each one of us — You, Me and Him. It will spare none, whether we like it or not or whether we had been staunchly Secular or pretended to be so and had adjusted liberally with its violent creed and enervating ethos and FUNEREAL THINKING.

There is no ISLAMIC GOD repeat “NO GOD even Allah” THAT can SAVE any of US FROM THE ISIS’ silky deathly web. We will be crushed one by one in its monstrous grip in a pitiless sacrifice as civilized Man — despite scientific advancements — stands naked and cowering helplessly in its brutal primordial overreach.

……………………………………….MAKE NO MISTAKE.


Asaduddin Owaisi says: “ISIS is pure terror organisation,their activities must be condemned.It has nothing to do with Islam”. This is a typical Islamic taqqiya (holy lying).

Falsehoods told to prevent the denigration of Islam, to protect oneself, or to promote the cause of Islam are sanctioned in the Qur’an and Sunna, including “””””lying under oath””””” in testimony before a court, deceiving by making distorted statements to the media such as the claim that Islam is a “religion of peace”. A Muslim is even permitted to deny or denounce his faith if, in so doing, he protects or furthers the interests of Islam, so long as he remains faithful to Islam in his heart.

During wars when Islamists feel cornered resort to “hudna” or temporary ceasefire to befool the enemy.



THE OPPRESSIVE CLIMATE OF QUOTAS AND SECULARISM AND “Jawaharlal Nehru University” MARXISM ALL COMBINED DEMENTED THIS Nehruvian toady to such an extent that he scissored his sacred thread, ate beef WITH RELISH and married a non Hindu to PROVE how secular he is.

He is still crazily eating beef lapping up big chunks of it and hobnobbing with Islamists to show HOW SECULAR HE truly IS.


SANJAY NIRUPAM was then in the Shiv Sena and the Big Fight was on. The man standing next to him was Salman Khurshid.

There was a sudden outburst from Nirupam and looking at Khurshid he said, “It is your Nehru who took the issue of Kashmir to the UN and created an intractable problem for India when there was none.” HE SPOKE LIKE A TRUE SHIV SAINIK.

Khurshid’s face lost colour and one could see his face harden and lips quiver. BUT THERE WAS NO ANSWER TO COUNTER NIRUPAM. There never was.


Sab chalta hain politics mein? Kya pata.


Long before treacherous Nehru was thinking of secularizing India and quotaising Hindus to destroy their unity, Mahatma Gandhi was castrating India and Indians alike with bogus Ahimsa.

Veer Savarkar argued till he got a sore throat to Gandhi saying that Ahimsa will never work with barbarians and animals who loot you and rape you and make you abject slaves of their ideology.

Despite the FIRST 26/11 Jallianwala Bagh incident, Gandhi refused to budge saying he will never agree with Veer Savarkar in resorting to violence against British, let alone against Islamic barbarities come what may.

The same bogus Ahimsa strategy Gandhi applied effectively shunting off Subhash Chandra Bose bowing to Nehru’s treachery from Bose’s second Congress presidency.

Gandhi even added salt to injury after Bose was abruptly
suspended from president’s post in 1939 having won the Tripuri president’s election. Bose had already been elected at Haripura in 1938 as president for the first time.

Bose wrote to his nephew Amiya: “…Nobody has done more harm to me personally and to our cause in this crisis than Pandit Nehru…His open propaganda against me has done me more harm than the activities of the 12 stalwarts (of the congress working committee.) What a pity!”

In allowing Islamism to flourish in the garb of secularism, secularists have been taking advantage of the treacherous Ahimsa of Gandhi that emboldens Nehru’s permissive secular ethos.

Veer Savarkar and Bose were nationalists to the core unlike the rotten Congressmen and both advocated fighting for a righteous cause to save Mother India.

There is no Ahmisa in true sense of the word in Hindu ethos or Hindu heritage as is being purveyed by secular traitors. Every Hindu God carries a weapon to destroy monsters and save the good from the bad. If Ahimsa was the leitmotif why would any Hindu God carry weapons? Why should Lord Krishna kill Jihadis of yore like Kamsa and Sisuphala? SO WHY THEN DID GANDHI RESORT TO THIS SKULLDUGGERY of spreading bogus Ahimsa?

Every Indian down the ages has taken up weapons to fight the enemies who have been consistently grabbing a slice of Mother India since Alexander’s time. This has been happening for ages and still continues unlike for the western world which has never seen such a phenomenon. For the West a handful of ISIS and Al Qaeda are something new modern aberrations whereas India has been seeing these butchers for many millenniums.

None can beat Jains in ahmisa as they even shy away from stamping on an ant. YET THEIR SCRIPTURES say “One must practice self-defense against a robber, murderer, or any other criminal. This self-defense is necessary when evil attacks.”

Unlike the Islamists, the British were cultured, and committed to rule of law and justice despite a faux pas like Jallianwala Bagh. Yet Gandhi went beyond his call succumbing to the fury of Islam and walking on the road of appeasement playing devil’s advocate for the Khilafat movement.

Islam had already swamped Bharat and Gandhi was using Ahimsa to justify that sinister happenings to an unsuspecting India. Today he has left behind a poisonous legacy that helps to strengthen treacherous web of Nehruvian secular conspiracy against Mother India.

Secularists who destroy India in the name of multiculturalism are consistent in appeasing Muslims at the cost of unity and integrity of India. Appeasement kindles more appetite for appeasement turning into a vicious circle and secularists are always ready to oblige.

Indians must rise above narrow political considerations and boycott the secularists which will be the harshest punishment to these two-legged vicious monsters.

See how Europe has gone to dogs with its multicultural approach when RABIES OF HATRED had already spread many times over.

But the messiahs of multiculturalism like Hollandes and Merkels were the ones who facilitated the gruesome Paris attack with their narrow vision. These worthies do nothing except mouth platitudes against the dead killers when the root cause of the problem lies elsewhere in a sick ideology. History is sadly being repeated through foolishness.


National forces must unite as one and face the Secular forces. Sadly this looks like a tall order.

Once long before Islam invaded and began ravaging Bharatvarsha people had valued money far less then their Spiritual wisdom and Shourya (protecting the weak). Money came third in the list of priorities.

Today money blinds quotaised and secularized Hindus which helps the secularists to undermine the nationalist forces or whatever little has grown till now.

BUT ONE HOPES MODI’s advent will be a game changer for the Nationalist spirit to take root.



Paris ko jalana wohi toh ta mera husul

Apni hi barbadi ko na samaz paaya

Woh dharm jis par huan mein andha

Log marre padhe te, idhar char udhar panch

Khoon ki ansu beha rahi ti charro taraf

Pata nahin kyun meri aansu palkon par hi ruka tha

Zindagi raha gaya soona dil aur dadkan bematlab

Hai Re! Yeh kis tarah ki jindagi meh apna banaya?

Jab Islamiat ki aakrosh majboor kiya Maut se pyaar